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Published on November 7, 2019 by

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Vegan Dream jerky is all vegan and comes in a variety of flavors. This brand has a tough jerky texture and a unique blend of spices! Non-GMO soy, preservative free, and high in protein. A great “vegan dream” indeed.



  • Gadget Addict 1 week ago

    They look pretty good. One of the hardest things for a vegetarian to find is something that has a bit of 'chew' to it. Unfortunately I'm not in the US. But I might try dehydrate my own. 

  • QueueTeaPi 1 week ago

    Wow I'm really glad I know how thin they are for the price before buying them! Will probably dehydrate my own jerky.

  • VeganVixen 1 week ago

    They look good!


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