Vegan Deterioration vs Vegan Gains



  • John Mitchell 1 week ago

    How about another debate with Aimee K, she can rip you a few more orifices.

  • OIMC TV 1 week ago

    I am just waiting a few years to see vegan gains in vegan deterioration XD

  • Vlad De Impaler 1 week ago

    Vegan Gains is


  • A Rock 1 week ago

    Thank you. She is a nut job with no hobbies.

  • Katie x 1 week ago

    She's on about the receeding hairline in the vegan kids when you're questioning the braids.

  • Jacob Griffin 1 week ago

    I cant commit .. what do I do…
    Fucking commit pussy

  • David Massey 1 week ago

    I've been vegan since 1982…I only get better with age!

  • Daniel Issabey 1 week ago

    Man that lady is a moron😁😄😄

  • French blue8 1 week ago

    Okay right from jump street, just the fact that she is trolling the internet, pouring over probably hundreds of pictures and videos of other people's children is just creepy and wrong.
    I also thought this was the same little girl, whose hair was just probably done one day by Mommy and the other day by Daddy.

  • Amanda G 1 week ago

    This persons claims are completely bullshit. I’ve been vegan for 5 years and my hair is just as thick as it was before, my skin is better and my energy levels are higher. Lol it’s stupid how people act like omnivore children can’t be sick. I know if so many children who have asthma, eczema, thin hair, hyper activity, obesity, learning disabilities, the list goes on. People like this bitch are just finding ways to justify their disgusting eating habits. Point blank.

  • Richard Delaloza 1 week ago

    What is this Cult.?!

  • Tereza Neubertová 1 week ago

    You made my day with the kid's hair

  • Vegan Apocalypse 1 week ago

    VG she made a deterioration video about you lol

  • Joshua Hill 1 week ago

    "Take thayat VAYGENS"

  • Blank Space 1 week ago

    I mean it's clear the vegan childs hair looks thinner, but this is one fucking sample… I'm sure you can find omnivores children with patchy hair

  • bo V 1 week ago

    She did a video about you. That woman clearly has no hobbies

  • Anna Anna 1 week ago

    My hair is very healthy on a vegan diet. As long as you eat well and supplement with b12 and d, in my experience.

  • jAcKiE O rAiNbOw 1 week ago

    BURN! LoL

  • Lexington365 1 week ago

    BEWARE OF A VEGAN DIET! – I went vegan for health. Ended up having the worst 3 years of health in my life. Gained zero muscle, had constant digestive issues, low mood and labido, and I was never really that happy with the foods I ate. Enough was enough and I went back to eating meat, fish and eggs.

    Feel better than ever after a year. 8kg heavier and carrying less bodyfat. Mood is great, labido off the chart, and I love making breakfast lunch and dinner again. It’s not the health nirvana it’s made out to be!!

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world 1 week ago

    Vegan Gains is still on YouTube? Why


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