How To Eat A Balanced Vegan Diet

Published on November 8, 2019 by

OK, so here is a quick and fun video to answer the question that I get so very often — “How can I really eat a balanced vegan diet?” The analogy I offer is really simple and I guarantee if you keep this in mind as you shop or cook, you will definitely have awesome nutritional balance.

And, the best thing is — there’s lots more free information just like this at my blog. I am truly dedicated to improving your health.

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  • Warrior Fitstyle 1 week ago

    Thank you xx

  • Mari 1 week ago

    yum yum

  • ReVitellect 1 week ago

    Lovely way to think about it. Plant parts 😀

  • Ulises Barrera 1 week ago

    Were you at the airport as you recorded the video? Just kidding thank you for the information, great video.

  • Darren Wilcox 1 week ago

    Thank you Dr Bruno

  • makemeupgurl 1 week ago

    Wow. This is such a helpful video. Thank you so much

  • mountaingirl1995 1 week ago

    Dr. Bruno, I have SLE and LN and am wondering if a vegan diet would help me with the pain, kidney disease and inflammation? I am really tired of Cellcept/Prednisone making me so sick. After 35 years of this, I kind of don't know how much more I can take. I thought I would try to overhaul my diet to see if that helps. I am not a quitter at heart…but I am suffering. I would appreciate ANY info you would like to share. Thanks, kara

  • Mr. Akers 1 week ago

    Hi Janet,

    Really great analogy that will help guide a healthy Vegan diet from now on. Wondering if you were the first person to come up with this analogy or if you possibly saw it somewhere and could point us in that direction for further reading?


  • sporto100 1 week ago

    Janet you have not addressed the fact that most fruits and vegetables are grown in nutrient deficient soils.  So even if you are eating say 10 oranges a day, you are most likely not getting enough vitamin C.  Supplementing is extremely important and should not be dismissed by implying if you eat a balanced siet of fruits and  vegetables you don't need to supp.  RDAs suggested by the FDA are nothing more than the level at which you will not see symptoms of disease.  They are not optimal levels for health and particularly not near the levels most people need to regain their health and fix the damage done by these criminally low recommendations and the SAD.  Food for thought.  😉

  • NoirVelours 1 week ago

    Wow, never thought of picturing a tree in my mind to make a well balanced grocery bag. Brilliant dr Janet!

  • Love Pitice 1 week ago

    It is so simple yet extremely cunfusing.

  • Hanna B 1 week ago

    It seems like it's easier to become a vegan if you live in a country where it's summer all year around

  • Subin Shakya 1 week ago

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  • Bala Loga 1 week ago

    good information thanks

  • vivek Mahrajan 1 week ago

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  • Jeeja Pradeesh 1 week ago

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  • 14mil605 3000 1 week ago

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  • Tracey Glenc 1 week ago

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  • dhiraj devkota 1 week ago

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  • cataria 1 week ago

    foods vegan starch based diet low in fat (10 percent max) and high in carbohydrates 80 + percent is obtained, then simples diseases like type 2 diabetes, arteriosklerosis, obesity, osteoporosis and many other conditions will disappear. research; neal barnard, dr esselstyn, t. colin campbell and john mc dougall regarding these simple things.
    and for those who simply wanna live this rly longtem which i hope, focus to get at least 3000 kcal of fruit or starch in u daily.
    and ripe good fruit is best

  • cataria 1 week ago

    bs, the healthiest diet would be a diet based upon fruit with herbs and possible greens, although extreme regeneration is only seen on just fruits and herbs, and i mean extreme in the sense of nervereconection, bonectraigthening, cancers gone of course, …
    the key here is to see and recognize what is optimum or differently said, our only real food and what is extremely poisoness. animal prodcuts are extremely poisoness and just being vegan alone will be much healthier, however if a whole


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