Cavi-Art Gourmet Vegan Caviar Made From Seaweed Review

Published on November 8, 2019 by

The Healthy Voyager Reviews Cavi-Art Gourmet Vegan Caviar Made From Seaweed. I love the onslaught of fabulous and creative new
vegan products! There are so many delicious alternatives to
traditional, animal based foods that it’s no longer difficult to switch to a plant
based diet. Cavi-Art has a fantastic vegan version
of caviar so hi-brow folks can enjoy
the finer things in life without the guilt! vegan, gluten free, healthy, gourmet, caviar alternative from seaweed, yum!



  • Jaquass 1 week ago

    Doesn't taste too bad, but definitely not in the same league as real caviar.

  • kenny maese 1 week ago

    hahahahahahah I always wanted to make some fancy dishes with caviar but hated the idea of fish eggs (gag) but this makes it possible now.

  • Katrin Burnie 1 week ago

    This is great stuff! You can add it to sauces, mix it with a little vegenaise and put on a avocado or make vegan sushi rolls. Delicious!!!


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